Print Is Not Dead
In our digital world, full-color print communications are still a valuable component in reaching new audiences and staying in front of existing customers. Working in concert with your on-line and social media campaigns, direct-mail and print media are essential components in getting the word out.
“When word-of-mouth advertising falls short...
a direct mail campaign is a great way to reach out, spread the word to outlying areas and generate new sales or drive visitors to a web site.”
Print media also plays a supportive role in driving traffic to on-line communications or promotions, announcing new product launches, or participation at trade shows or local events.
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Print & Advertising

Haw Valley Creative can design and provide several types of printed products to meet all of your promotional & advertising needs such as:
just to name a few.
Your Calling Card
Business cards, remarkably, are still the least expensive and most frequently used marketing tool a company has at its disposal.  The most effective business cards tell your customer not only how to reach you, but more importantly how you are going to help them.  Think about the sub-conscious message your card sends; the look, feel and messaging should encompass the essence of how your business stands out and serves its customers.
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